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God Is Always With Us


“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8

Snow Covered San Bernardino Mountain Range Scenic
Snow Covered San Bernardino Mountain Range Scenic

My wife and I always enjoyed seeing the snow-capped mountains in Southern California.  We would drive to church in January and February commenting on how beautiful the area was, but we knew that they would disappear soon.  When spring would come, the mountains would disappear in the cloud cover and smog.  On any given Sunday, on our way to church, we would drive along the 91 and 57 freeways and could only see a thick layer of clouds.  Absolutely no evidence that the mountains were there right in front of us.  The clouds (and smog) had rolled in. But when the clouds lifted during the winter time each year or after a rain, it was obvious the mountains had not moved.

Sometimes it’s like that with God. We come to experience Him in an awe-inspiring way, but later the clouds of life roll in, and we experience disappointment, rejection, and suffering.  It’s like God is nowhere to be found.

But remember, He has not moved. He’s as sure and as near as the San Bernardino Mountains was to us every day even when we could not see them. So, when the clouds move in, it’s time to show God you really do have faith. For in time, the clouds of life will lift and you’ll see that God has not moved – He was there all along.

Pastor Glenn

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