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House Give-Away Evangelism

When we loose confidence in the Gospel to save individuals God has chosen, we will use whatever means we believe will draw people. When the Gospel is not enough, we reach people using worldly means. And this is why the church today is worldly. If we reach people with worldly means we will also have to keep (or train) them with worldly means because many in our mist will still be lost. Things like this should make us all want to weep.

In illustrating this sad trend by taking a page from Bob Barker and The Price is Right, Abundant Life Christian Church is doing a house giveaway to an attendee on New Year’s Eve. Abundant Life Christian Center has already given away a car, a motorcycle and furniture. These blind are being led by the blind and the world just looks at this and sneers, as it should.

Worshiping Christ I guess is not enough. And since he is not the joy of our hearts, something else needs to be offered in a kind of bait-N-switch evangelism (which I believe is unethical).
This is drawing crowds based on greed, pure and simple. Look out, the church is really in trouble!

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