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How do we know God?

Here is a good little booklet that I am currently reading on knowing God from the Revelation of Scripture by Pastor Bob Burridge :

The chapters include:
Lesson 1: Knowing the Truth
Lesson 2: Revelation – Divine Self-Disclosure
Lesson3: The Canon of Scripture
Lesson 4: Inspiration
Lesson 5: Preservation of Scripture
Lesson 6: Translation of Scripture
Lesson 7: Interpretation of Scripture

Pastor Bob Writes:

Since the Creator has determined the characteristics of everything outside of himself, truth is the way things are in God’s mind. He can be the only absolute gauge for measuring the truth and rightness of ideas or relationships in his universe.
In man’s fallen condition, God’s truth is not perceived accurately. In his attempt to live in God’s world, while denying his moral relationship with it, he will either deny the possibility of knowing truth at all, or he will try to create a substitute, and therefore false, standard for truth. Such an invention will force everything to be interpreted in such a way as to support fallen man’s own imagination of what is true and right. But the Bible shows us that there is real truth, and that it is bound to the person of the Creator. (Read more by clicking the link above)

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