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John 7:32-53 Sermon Outline

John 7:32-53
Sermon Outline

Fallen Condition Focus:
Inability apart from the Spirit to find Jesus

Spiritual Convictions are needed to promote Gospel proclamation

Transition: Reasons Spiritual convictions are needed

Complements I used:
Spiritual Convictions cannot be enforsed by others – 32
Spiritual Convictions focus on a heavenly Christ – 33-36
Spiritual Convictions depends on Spiritual hydrodynamics – 37-39 (Ez. 47:1-9; Neh. 8:5-9:20)
Spiritual Convictions acknowlede Jesus as Prophet, priest, and king – 40-42
Spiritual Convictions promote witnessing inspite of divisions – 43-46 (Luke 12:51-52)
Spiritual Convictions see a harmony between the law and the Gospel – 47-53

Other complements not used:
Spiritual worshipers(Conviction) seeks a Christ of glory in heaven 32-36
Spiritual worshipers seeks a satisfaction that comes from the Spirit in the last days -37-39
Spiritual worshipers see the festival of Booths as a sign of provision of water in the desert and provision of the Spirit in the last days.
Spiritual conviction comes through Spiritual hydrodynamics – 37-39
Spiritual worshipers don’t worry about the 2 interpretations of verses 37-38
Spiritual Worshipers see Christ as the source of the Spirit for others. (we don’t’ give the spirit to others)
Spiritual worships will think of Nehemiah 9’s connection between water/manna and law/spirit.
Spiritual Worshipers will recognize Jesus as the promised prophet, and King.
Spiritual worshipers can expect division as the result of their witness
Spiritual worshipers seek to understand the Law in light of Christ.
We proclaim Christ glory by not controlling people -32
We proclaim Christ’s glory when se see him as the complete master of situations – 33
We Proclaim Christ glory as the God of heaven – 33-34
We proclaim Christ’s glory only when we are divinely illumined – 36
We proclaim Christ glory depending on the source source of the Spirit
We proclaim Christ glory as evidence of the Spirit
We proclaim Christ glory as the result of our satisfaction
We proclaim Christ Glory as the one who fulfills the prophetic offices of prophet, priest, and king

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