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Philippians 2.9-11 – From Humility to Exaltation

The best way to see the exaltation of Christ is to view it on the backdrop of his humiliation in heaven, in incarnation, and in death. Humiliation does not mean embarrassment, slavish service, wimpiness, lack of boldness or ambition or the prideful pursuit of spirituality. We see that in this text that God exaltation of Christ is past (v. 9) and future (vv. 10-11). In the past God super exalted Christ at the right hand of the Father to the glory he had before the world was created. The Lamb of God is worthy and is given a name that everyone above every name with is LORD or Yahweh. Because of God past super exaltation of Christ and because he has been given the name Yahweh or LORD all people should (not shall) bow the knee and confess Christ in salvation. This verse is usually quoted incorrectly in a universalistic fashion making it say that everyone will worship God, but we know that Romans 14:10-12 includes everyone will bow in judgment but not in salvation. You should consider how you will approach Christ either in salvation with knees bowed and tong confessing or in Judgment with knees bowed.

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