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Quote: The Archer and the Arrow – Agree or disagree?

Do you affirm this quote on Biblical Theology from “They Archer and Arrow” by Phillip Jensen and Paul Grimmond (pp.80, 81)?:

Before the coming of Christ, God’s plans for the world were only revealed in embryo…. And yet in spite of such a great, God-given transformation between the ages, the people of the new covenant are to read the Old Testament as their book.  The early believers did not need to bridge the many centuries between themselves and Moses; they just needed to understand the word of God revealed in the Old Testament in light of the coming Christ.  What separated first-century Greeks from Hebrews who lived 2000 years before them was not their language or their culture – it was Christ.  And so new Covent believers whether Jew or Gentiles, were expected to read the Old Testament as their own, because it is the shadow that makes sense of the fulfillment who is Christ (Heb. 10:1, 11:39-40).  Furthermore, Christ so fulfills the Old Testament that anyone can read and understand it once they have come to know him.  

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