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Summary of the Extended Memorization of Scripture by Andy Davis



When? What Verse(s) How many times? Without Looking? How Perfect? Repeat if I mess Up?
1.   Rehearse Mornings
(M-F or M-S)
Yesterday’s verse(s) first 10X
Including Verse #: “One-One”
Cover page & look at your Bible when you need to Best that you can No
2.   Recite Mornings
(M-F or M-S)
Old Verses all together 1X
Including Verse #: “One-One”
Cover page & look at your Bible when you need to Best that you can No
3.   Read Mornings
(M-F or M-S)
New Verse(s) (Today’s) 10X
Including Verse #: “One-One”
Read looking at each Word Photographing it Read it perfectly Yes
4.   Resay
(without looking)
(M-F or M-S)
New Verse (Today’s) 10X
Including Verse #: “One-One”
Cover page & resay it No, The Best you can No
5.   Repeat? If “Yes” go to Step 10.  If “No” go to step 13 Add Another New Verse (Today’s)
6.   Remove
(the weeds from the Garden)
Once a week
Old Verses all together 1X Read the book looking at each Word carefully Instead of “Old verses Next” Yes
7.   Rejoice @ end of Book Pray and Give Thanks
8.   Recite Mornings or any time Entire Book 1X for 100 Days Try to do the best you can. Peak if needed Don’t miss a single day No
9.   Recall?
(None or 1X/wk. or 1X/mo.)
None Kiss the book Goodbye? Go on to the next book It is a rare person who can hold on to limitless old verses while continually adding new ones.  But the meaning of the book will stick with you.
10.Review Mornings
(M-F or M-S)
Ex: 5-8 Chapters of current verses See #1-16 Leave off 1 chapter at a time Review left off chapters once/week Block long term review up
11.Retain Every morning for 25 days Highschool Method 10 minutes of chapters Add a block every 25 days Graduate a block after 100 days Give Thanks
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