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The Master’s Seminary Journal: New Covenant Theology

The Master’s Seminary Journal discusses New Covenant Theology (CT)

Reading opposing viewpoints has helped me in understanding the differences in CT, NCT, and DT.  The Volume 18, Number 2, Fall 2007 of the Master’s Seminary Journal is extremely helpful in defining terms, making proper theological distinctions when it comes to this kid of theological discussion.  While I don’t buy into a particular version of NCT yet, I do lean toward NCT with some exceptions.  Unlike versions of CT and DT, NCT makes Christ the priority of the Scriptures.    Read this critique and disagreement of NCT  in the Master’s seminary Journal – fall, 2007 issue – which is dedicated entirely to New Covenant Theology (NCT).  You can order a copy by calling the Seminary at (818) 782-6488 or on-line at Ask for Volume 18, Number 2, Fall 2007.

The Journal titles/authors are:

  1. Introduction to New Covenant Theology, by Dennis M. Swanson
  2. New Covenant Theology and the Old Testament Covenants, by William D. Barrick
  3. The New Covenant and New Covenant Theology, by Larry D. Pettegrew
  4. New Covenant Theology Compared with Covenantalism, by Michael J. Vlach
  5. New Covenant Theology and Futuristic Premillennialism, by Richard L. Mayhue

I’m looking forward to reading this and blogging on it. Stay tuned…

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