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Using Bible Commentaries Beneficially

Here is a great article on the use of commentaries for your personal study, for teaching preparation, or for sermon Preparation.  I am always amazed when people look down on the use of commentaries, as if the Spirit only speaks to them.  God can use commentaries to help grow you closer to Christ when used properly.  Here are some great tips on the use of commentaries in your reading life:

How to use Bible Commentaries

Some good Commentary lists include:

Top commentaries on every book of the bible ( Keith Mathison)

Best Commentaries (probably the best resource site for commentaries)

The Commentary List (The Good book Company

C0mmentaries Recomendations (Challis)

What Commentaries Does Desiring God Recommend

Commentaries for each book of the Bible


The best study guidelines for commentaries – Smith

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