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What Was Missing In The Movie: “God’s Not Dead”

I loved the movie “God’s not Dead”, because it moved me.  It is amazing how stories move us and I am fascinated how this applies to our communication of the Gospel in preaching and evangelism.  I want to not just give people information but move them emotionally.  In making disciples there is “no motion without emotion.”   A mentor will never multiply other disciples if he cannot reach all parts of the mind (reason, emotion, will).  This movie made me cry, cheer, sad, and euphoric.  The proclamation of the Gospel should also do the same for those who truely believe it.  We don’t just share facts, but enlist the affections to love Jesus and His Truth.

But I also felt that something was missing in the apologetic method within the movie, “God’s Not Dead.”  In fact while the eventual reasoning in the movie was usually good, the main character tried to change people’s minds without dealing with their presuppositions or their life meta-narrative. Since the facts don’t speak for themselves but must be interpreted within one life meta-narrative (or presuppositions), I hope that “God’s Not Dead 2” will deal more with challenging the secular or naturalistic meta-narrative that is so common on college campuses today. This is where the roll of the church community must become a part of our apologetic.  One cannot assume that they or anyone is neutral when they are presented facts, and we cannot be if we are genuinely affirm the Gospel of Christ publicly.

Click here or  the picture below to read a good article about what “God’s not Dead” missed.

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