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What You CAN Do When Your Church is Failing

Here is an encouraging article by Jim Elliff for pastors who may be struggling.

What You CAN Do When Your Church is Failing: “by Jim Elliff

You’re stuck. The church you once loved is now sliding downhill. Some are disgruntled, leadership is faltering, attendance is low, fellowship is almost non-existent, and interest in improvement is weak. Even the building reflects the neglect of dispassionate saints. What should you do?
I realize the problem is systemic, but there are some things that may yet be done to revitalize the church. I’m not going to give you the main things (restoring regenerate membership, establishing church discipline, promoting forgiveness, reshaping the leadership team, igniting biblical vision, church repentance, etc.), but the kind of things that almost any church (or even church member) can do immediately. The best thing is this: you can get busy doing them without much pain or major church decision-making.


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