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2 Samuel 21.15-22 – Courage for Insurmountable Enemies

In the last half 2 Samuel 21 we find david gaining victory over 4 giant enemies. There is debate on whether the word “giant” is to be take in its regular sense as a big person, or as a god, but the evidence of the context would favor the first viewpoint. Another issue here is the identification of Goliath. Some see a corruption of the original text, but it is better to see this as a copies error which 1 Chronicles 20:5 correst and itentifies the giant as the “brother of Goliath.” During battles David has grown weary and is not as stong physically as he use to be. His loyal leaders come to his aid and fight for him defeating all 4 giants. What we learn is that no what the physical ability of a man, he better not trash talk God people, because he will be silenced. We see the benefits of realistic humility, steadfast perseverance, proper praise, and developed character. The purpose of the passage is to elicit in you courage against insurmountable enemies as you live a persistent godly life that sustains you in the direction of God and his will.

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