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October 2016

Receive, Reject, or Redeem?

Halloween is coming up and there are all sorts of events and even critiques how we should engage the world.  Kids will dress up, adults will give out candy, and all this will be done without any thought or real tie to its pagan history.  American are superstitious and this superstitious is heightened during Halloween.  For example many Chicago Cubs fans foolish believe in “The Curse or the Billy Goat” upon their team.  This belief originated when the “Billy Goat Tavern” owner was kicked out of Wrigley Field because of the smell of of his pet goat at the game. 

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What is the Eye of the Needle?

By Cameron Buettel I haven’t always sat under the teaching ministry of John MacArthur. In fact, earlier parts of my Christian walk have been tarnished by over-exposure to some really bad Bible teachers, and attendance in some very man-centered churches. A lot of my expertise in error comes from first-hand experience.It took longer than I care to admit, but eventually, the reckless handling of Scripture became too hard to ignore. One of the most blatant examples was related to Christ’s interaction with the rich young ruler. Luke 18:22-25 explains the sad end to their conversation. When Jesus heard this, He

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Earthly Life Ends In Death

This last month (September 2016) we saw two deaths that have rocked many sports commentators.  First, the death of Arnold Palmer was sudden and greeted with great sadness because how he has mentored so many in the game of golf (PGA).  The other death involved a young 24 year old Major League Baseball player for the Miami Marlins named Jose Fernandez who died in a boating accident.  The sentiment was this was a tragic event.  There was a moving ceremony honoring him before the game the Marlins played on Tuesday night, when every one of his teammates took the field

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Fight Spiritual Drifting

When my family and I go to the beach, we always need a site marker for where we lay our stuff down.  Why do we need this marker?  It is because when you go swimming in the ocean you will always drift with the currents.  This summer when we were snorkeling, I realized that I needed to get to shore because I did not feel great, but found myself with my boys quite a distance from where we had set our beach stuff down. Drifting is a common occurrence in everyone’s life.  Companies drift from their founder’s vision, Denominations drift

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Anger – A Personal Foul

On Monday night (10/3/2016) Odell Beckham got a Personal foul penalty during the Monday night football game because he could not control his emotions.  NFL writer, Jeremy Bergman, comments, “[Xavier] Rhodes’ aggressive coverage and an iffy late hit drove Beckham to commit an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty early in the game and then lower his shoulder on the Vikings cornerback out of bounds on a later play.… But Beckham’s reputation as a hot-head diva has also made him a target for strong-willed cornerbacks who know what buttons to push. “ This example shows how important emotions are to our Christians walk with

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