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A Genuine Disciples – John 8:31-38

Need: The need of Freedom from slavery

  • Everyone wants Freedom.
  • FDR speaks of 4 freedoms – Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Speach, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear
  • Kids want freedom
  • Adults want freedom
  • Countries want freedom

Fallen Condition Focus: People are enslaved by sin and are not free

Theme: Only Genuine Disciples are free.

Why are only genuine Disciples Free?

  1. They are the ones that persevere and abide in truth 31-32 (see also Heb 3:14, 2 John 9, Rev. 2:26)
  2. They are the ones that count the cost – 31-32 (see also Luke 9:57-62, 14:25-33)
  3. They are the ones that are not slaves to the practice of sin – 33-36 (see also 1 John 3:4-9)
  4. They are the ones that have assurance as sons – 35-36
  5. They are the ones that are the true off spring of Abraham – 37-38 (Col. 2:11, Gen: 21:9-12)


Moral notion of abiding.

Ture freedom is not freedom to do anything we please but to do what we ought to.

True freedom experience pleasure in doing what we ought to do.

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