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Squishy Evangelicals

I have been thinking about the the way some Christian leaders are becoming more liberal and/or not dealing with any difficult text in their preaching.  I consistently see this happening today more and more – especially by those in ministry positions. The article below calls these Christians “Squishy Evangelicals.” and is a start in unpacking my thinking about this issue that is a concern to Evangelicals today.  I believe that “Squishy Evangelicals” are the cause of much disunity today instead of people who lovingly hold to strong robust doctrine and theology in their teaching.  Do you see this trend too? If We Believe All

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Defining an Evangelical!

What Makes Evangelicalism Evangelical? A New Book Joins the Argument: Dr. Mohler  delineates that there is a new position what is Evangelicalism which in the end is liberalism by another name – Reformist or Revisionist Evangelicals. The evangelical movement in America emerged in the twentieth century as conservative Protestants sought to perpetuate an intentional continuity with biblical Christianity. While the roots of the movement can be traced through centuries prior to its emergence in twentieth century America, its organizational shape appeared mainly in the years after World War II. And, as anyone who considers the movement with a careful eye understands, evangelical

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Quote; On being an ‘evangelical’

On being an ‘evangelical’: “I feel like right now among evangelicals — including authors, musicians, speakers, professors, and pastors — there’s a runaway train of unbiblical and unclear thinking. “ see also

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Church Leaders Who Permit Carnality

Great message for church leaders who try to lure people through carnal means.  I have always believe that the way you reach people for Christ is the way you keep them.  If you use entertainment to win people you will have to keep entertaining people.  But if you you the exposition of scripture in various groups then it is thorugh the scriptures that your ministry will be built. Church Leaders Who Permit Carnality from NCFIC on Vimeo. see also

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Questions from a Ministry Student i received

The following Questions are from a interview I did with a student at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. 1)What is the most important thing for a pastor to know? Genuinely Knowing Christ (not a false convert) and that God is the goal of the Gospel (not life enhancements). Thus pastor’s ministry must be based on expositional preaching of the Word and Gospel (Eph. 4:1-4. One could say the same thing by stating “please or love God first, not men” in all you do. (Hebrews 11:6, Revelation 2:4-6)). 2)What has kept you going when things are going hard in the ministry? Knowing that God has called me

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Parchment and Pen � What is the “New Calvinism”? . . . And Are You a Part of It?

Parchment and Pen � What is the “New Calvinism”? . . . And Are You a Part of It? by Michael Patton at Parchment and Pen The “New Calvinism” is not essentially a new form of Calvinism. Theologically, it is not really any different. Well, I take that back. The New Calvinist’s do all accept the five points of Calvinism as well as monergistic regeneration and have a very high view of the sovereignty of God which, I would argue, is the bedrock of traditional Calvinism. I will get to the differences in a bit. “The New Calvinism” is simply a designation given for the 21st century resurgence of Calvinism among

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Arguing Doesn’t Do Any Good? Sure It Does! | Clay Jones

Arguing Doesn’t Do Any Good? Sure It Does! | Clay Jones Clay Jones states: …since “argue” means to give reasons for what you believe, then that is precisely what we should be doing. If anything, many Christians should do it much more than they do. Consider that Christ and the apostles argued a lot and, well, WWJD, then we should too. I agree.  Do you agree or not? see also

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The Repentance Option

I am reading through “What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert.  Here is a quote on repentance and faith in regards to the Gospel. Jesus’ message to his listeners was, “Repent and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:15). If faith is turning to Jesus and relying on him for salvation, repentance is the flip side of that coin. It is turning away from sin, hating it, and resolving by God’s strength to forsake it, even as we turn to him in faith. So Peter told the on-looking crowd, “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped

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Future Trends in Evangelicalism

Future Trends in Evangelicalism by Ed Stetzer August 02, 2010 |  By Ed Stetzer It’s hard to believe that we’re almost a decade into the new millennium. Ten years ago, churches were busy preparing for Y2K, communicating with a hot new tool known as “Instant Messaging,” and talking more and more aboutpostmodernism. Evangelicals and their churches that have been successful in the ten years since have been able to anticipate and recognize trends quickly, and subsequently find effective ways to communicate the gospel in a meaningful manner to the culture in which they live. For that to continue in the

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