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8 Principles of Bible Interpretation [Video]

8 Principles of Bible Interpretation David Murray for HeadHeartHand Blog Exegesis is the process that is used to explain the meaning and message of a text of Scripture. this video explains how biblical exegesis: Begins with prayer Is hard work Can be learned Gets easier Is practical Must be limited Asks questions Is not preaching. Previous videos in the How Sermons Work series here. see also

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Serving to Master Two? — Historical Background and the Bible

Serving to Master Two? — Historical Background and the Bible: “ How much historical background must a pastor know in order to preach the Bible with authority? In this video, D. A. Carson and John Piper discuss the role of extrabiblical sources in biblical interpretation: Watch the video at The Gospel Coalition. see also

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Humbling Our Theology to God and His Word – The Bible

In thinking more about humbling my thingking to God and his word when it comes to theological development, I believe that the key is to test our presuppositions, preunderstandings and theological systems by the Word of God, making the Scriptures our preeminent authority, not to deny that we have a theological system. I admit that this is not easy to do, since many times we have emotional commitments to certain theological systems (or parts of theological systems) because: We still suffer from indwelling sin and idolatry We don’t see the the scriptures from a whole or complete canonical viewpoint as

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Arcing With Piper

Arcing With Piper: “John Piper has long recommended “arcing” as most fruitful exegetical tool. I discovered today that Piper’s booklet “Biblical Exegesis” – which is basically a description of the arching method – is available free online. Here is also a website that will help you draw arcs electronically. see also

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Web Seminar Replay – Four Waves of Biblical Exegesis – Replay

Web Seminar Replay – Four Waves of Biblical Exegesis – Replay: “This seminar was presented in May of 2009 over at Please listen to this one hour seminar that discusses how to interact with Scripture see also

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Christian Scholarship in a Nutshell

Here is a great blog by Michael Patton at Parchment and Pen on how scholarship works with Bible Study.  It seems that for many of us we don’t spend enough time with the Bible (and that should be our main focus as believers), but we all participate and must participate in all three areas or types of Christian Scholarship even if we do not realize it.  As Christians we should check our brains at the door of our closet or church, but use our intelect under the control and power of the Spirit to understand God, His Word, and His world better. The

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Bible Interpretation In a Nutshell

Bible Interpretation In a Nutshell:from Parchment and Pen by C Michael Patton “The following is a practical guide to biblical interpretation following a three step process that I have used for years. The Bible is two-thousand years old and often seems very archaic. This makes it hard to know how it applies to us. It can be very frustrating as all Christians are encouraged to read their Bible daily but often are at a loss as to how to understand it and apply the message to their own lives. This process has served me well and I believe it is

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Assumptions about Meanings

I can relate to peoples confusion in Bible Studies as I have progressed into an understanding of Biblical exegesis, which always values the revelation of Scripture as Preminent starting point instead of our human reason in our search for truth. To illustrate proper exegesis of Scritpure, I would like to look at a common assumption about the meaning of the word “all”. The word “all” doesn’t mean the same thing in ever instance because it has different objects that limit its definition. This can happen in the same Bible book or even in the same paragraph. So we must always

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2 Peter 3:9 is All Greek To Me, Or is it?

2 Peter 3:9 is All Greek To Me, Or is it? Here is an excellent give and take of exegesis and an example how christians should dialogue during their exegesis. Dr. Langejan and Jim of do a commendable job of working out the mean of this difficult passage. In the end an edited clip of the exegesis of the passage came about. You can see this below: see also

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