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Matthew 3 – The Announcement of Kingdom Presence

The world is so attractive  and promises us so much.  In announcing the Kingdom of Heaven John the Baptist was challenging the Jewish people to consider what is really valuable in their lives.  The kingdom of heaven was the longing of all the Jewish people, it represented a fulfillment of all the promises of God.  That truth is most glorious and more valuable than anything that the kingdoms of this world have to offer.  We all fight against the attractiveness of this world and to do that we need to recognize the greatness of the fulfillment of God’s promises in the kingdom.

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Great Preaching Caught or Taught? | Soul Preaching Ministries

Great Preaching Caught or Taught? | Soul Preaching Ministries by Sherman Haywood Cox II on February 3, 2010 – 11:56 am When I was in my twenties and was attempting to learn to play Jazz, one writer said, “all the answers are in the music.” What the author was saying is that we often ask many questions that can only be found by listening to great musicians “play” the answer. One jazz teaching instructor said that he had a student who was having a hard time playing jazz. The instructor asked the student, “How much Jazz did you listen to last

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How Does John Piper Prepare a Sermon?

How do you prepare a talk, Bible study, sermon, or speech? I am big on preaching extemporaneous, and I while I think their are other ways to go about preaching, I think that extemporaneous is best for most of us preachers and speakers.  I don’t deny that there are different ways to preach extemporaneously.  One of my problems is that I am so tied to know the many options onmy subject that I never quit studying in time to digest my own work. Let me state that one can preach extemporaneously with some notes or better with certain types of notes (thought it probably

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Extemporaneous Preaching

Dr. James while says that Extemporaneous Preaching by Dr. John Carrick Challenged him to think about changing the way he preaches. I concur. Preaching Exptemporaneously without notes is best for most pasters. see also

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Great article on the orality of preaching and the distinction from the literary approach.  I have found that I preach expositionally so much better when I don’t take notes into the pulpit, but have not been able to accomplish that on a consistent basis.  I think that this article helps on understand how we can prepare in the public world or orality (where we will be on Sunday mornings in our preaching) instead of the privacy of literacy.  I think we should affirm expository/extemporaneous preaching where the point of the text is the point of the sermon but the wording is created

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Sermon Application Help

Sermon Application Help by Justin Taylor The application grid is a helpful tool from 9Marks that can serve pastors preparing sermons, as well as all of us when reading biblical texts. The grid has you examine how the main point of a passage applies to six areas: Unique salvation-historical. Does the main point address a text that thrusts forward the unfolding plot of redemption in history? Individual Non-Christian. Does the main point have implications for the unbeliever’s thinking, behavior, or motivations? Public. Does the main point have implications for how we conduct ourselves in the public squares of commerce, politics,

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Revelation Sermon Series

Revelation Sermon Series: by Dr. Jim Hamilton In God’s kindness, Kenwood Baptist Church voted to call me as their pastor of preaching the last Sunday of March, 2009. The first book I preached through was the book of Revelation. While some might question the wisdom of jumping right into apocalyptic literature, the book of Revelation pronounces a blessing on those who read, hear, and keep what is written in it (Rev 1:3). Those who understand John’s Apocalypse–and live such that they have “kept” what it reveals–are blessed. We went through the book from April to April, and the year’s worth

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Common Ground / Uncommon Confidence – Acts 21:37-22:30

Common Ground / Uncommon Confidence – Acts 2137-22:30 from Glenn Leatherman on Vimeo. Paul now finds himself before the Tribune and asks to speak to the Jews that are gathered against him (for they have accused him of defaming the temple). Paul clears his name being associated with a Jewish assassin group that tried to overthrow the roman rule a couple of years earlier. Paul then speaks to his people in their language detailing his conviction of sin (1-5), conversion to Christ (22:6-16), and calling to bring the gospel to the entire world (22:17-21). The Jews get so angry that

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Power in Preaching: Decide (1 Corinthians 2:1–5)

Raymond C. Ortlund Jr says “Remove wonder-working power from Christianity, and what do you have left? Religious franchises managing community service programs. But is that what we read about in the book of Acts? Biblical Christianity in the world today is an ongoing miracle of God’s gracious power. And if that is so, and it is, then Christian preaching can and must be in divine power. Read Power in Preaching (1 Corinthians 2:1-5) by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr. and learn to to be a crucified preacher so that God’s divine power may be displayed.. see also

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