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Expository Preaching

Real Preaching is DIfferent

There are tremendous differences between “motivational speaking” and “biblical preaching.” In America today, many churches offer one or the other. One approach leaves people “encouraged” in their emotions and in their “self-esteem.” The other builds up Christians in the Gospel as the Holy Spirit applies the Scriptures to the hearts and minds of the hearers.   Motivational speakers tell a lot of stories and seek to sway through emotion and pop psychology. Biblical preachers tell some stories, but above all seek to have people influenced by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God. Motivational speakers may or may not

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Integrative Model for Preaching Series by Dr. Kenton Anderson

The following is taken from the appendix of “Preaching with Conviction”. My daughter and I had a disturbing conversation a few months ago. It was a typical father/daughter discussion. She wanted to do something I thought might be inappropriate and I said so with all the fatherly tenderness and respect I thought necessary for such an occasion. She was quick, however, to sense the nature of my rebuke. “Dad, I don’t need to hear a sermon,” she said as she turned her back on me and walked away. She was nine years old. Her response stung, given that I make

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The Ultimate Aim of All Christian Preaching

I love this because it is missing in much of our churches today.  The church is anemic today because we don’t do gospel preaching.  Christ is the focus of our preaching and the point of our affection. The Ultimate Aim of All Christian Preaching  by John Piper  Or: How Is All Preaching Gospel Preaching?  Or: How Is All Preaching the Proclamation of Christ Crucified? Ten Theses: 1. Whatever lasting good God ever does or ever did or ever will do for any individual person, he does and did and will do because of his free, utterly undeserved grace. What do you have that you

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Obama, Pentagon certify DADT repeal

Obama, Pentagon certify DADT repeal: “WASHINGTON (BP)–President Obama and Pentagon leaders announced Friday they have certified the United States military is prepared for open homosexuals to serve in the armed services. The certification by the president, plus new Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Michael Mullen, means only a 60-day waiting period remains before final repeal of a longstanding policy that bars open homosexuals from serving openly in the Armed Forces.” The most concerning thing to me is the freedom to preach the gospel and call people to repent from their sin including homosexuality. What

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Preaching as Exultation

Dull and boring preaching kills.  Preaching needs to be moved by the truth of the bible not only in our understanding but in our affections.  That is why I believe that a preacher should fill themselves up with the word and then preach extemporanously because the Love the God and his truth found in the Bible.  One cannot be animated while tied to notes very well.  The following quotes from Gospel Driven Church  also resonate with my heart on this issue as well. Preaching as Exultation: “The cure for dull preaching is not simply better information or more creative themes/props, but a sense of exultation in

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Extemporaneous style of preaching good for most…

Good Biblical exposition (preaching) is best done in an extemporaneous style for most (not all) preachers. I currently preach without notes much better and I explain things more exactly when I preach this way on my feet than when I preached with a full manuscript. My experience tells me that most preachers would benefit of preaching extemporaneously, because if frees them from their notes to actually think and and prevents them from plagiarizing themselves in the pulpit. Preachers may make full manuscripts or notes or outlines or mind-maps in preparation for preaching. Writing is good and very important to get

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Here is a great lecture by Dr. John Carrick on Extemporaneous preaching and the need for it as the primary method of delivery sermons.   He sums up this method in the end in contrast by saying “Paper is a very porr medium from which to carry fire.”  Listen and enjoy and let me know what you think if this. – The Extemporaneous Mode of Preaching Summary of message: Dr. John Carrick believes that the best mode or method of delivery of sermons is the extemporaneous method by a long shot.  he even gives the example of Jonathan Edwards move toward an extemporaneous

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Sermon Builder from Shepherds’ Fellowship

Here is a good overview of the sermon development process that a faithful expositor of God’s world would go through ever time he speaks: This is a useful process for pastors, Sunday School teachers, bible study teachers,  and other small small group leaders as well. see also

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Scriptures as Sermon Illustration Resource | Soul Preaching Ministries

While it is good to use illustrations to explain apply, argue or celebrate a truth.  I was confronted with the necessary practice of looking to Scripture for my illustrations first.  I have heard the advise of using scripture as the only source of sermon illustrations, which I thought was not biblical,, but I am considering this arguement from “Soul Preaching” that since the Bible is the preeminent authority, we should seek illustrations from the Bible first.  This is not to say that we cannot use other sources, but recognizes that all other sources of authority (history, experience, science, tradition, etc.) are lesser authorities. See

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Is Expositional Preaching Really Enough?

Is Expositional Preaching Really Enough?: “by Michael Patton of Parchment and Pen I love to preach. Arguably, I love to preach more than I love to teach. Yes, there is a difference. But I am getting ahead of myself . . . I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) in 2001 with my ThM. I had a double major in New Testament and in Pastoral Ministries. The pastoral ministries department is concerned with practical hands-on training such as the teaching process, leadership development, and counseling. I even had to take a course in the use of media (which came down

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