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Gospel Centered

Gospel Centered Preaching vs. Informational Preaching

The “informational” view of preaching conceives of preaching as changing people’s lives after the sermon. They listen to the sermon, take notes, and then apply the Biblical principles during the week. But this assumes that our main problem is a lack of compliance to Biblical principles, when all our problems are actually due to a lack of joy and belief in the gospel. Our real problem is that Jesus’ salvation is not as real to our hearts as the significance and security our idols promise us. If that’s our real problem, then the purpose of preaching is to make Christ

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The Theology-Driven Life

The Theology-Driven Life: “ The following is an article by Michael Adams over at Journey in Grace.  I think that I to can relate to what he is saying.  I love truth and love to study the Bible.  But when we stop in the process at either exegesis or theology we have short-circuited God’s intended pattern for Biblical revelation.  I know that I can  not thwart God’s plan, but God uses our errors at times to convict us of our need for change – and one change is that I too want to be Gospel centered and Gospel driven.  I think part of it is

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Gospel at the Center

Gospel at the Center: “ I would encourage you to meditate on the following explanation of what is means to be Gospel centered from the Elders and leaders of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, California: The gospel is at the center of all we do. The “gospel” is the good news that through Jesus, the Messiah, the power of God’s kingdom has entered history to renew the whole world. Through the Savior God has established his reign. When we believe and rely on Jesus’ work and record (rather than ours) for our relationship to God, that kingdom power comes

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Glenn Leatherman

I am first of all a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ. I affirm Evangelical Christian beliefs as well as  Gospel driven in philosophy of ministry. I am married to Ann and am raising 2 wonderful boys – Jonathan and Andrew. My purpose is to build disciplemaking disciples that are becoming fishers of men in fully displaying of God’s Glory in all things. Learn more

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