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Defending Imputation of Active Obedience of Christ

Even though some with New Covenant Theology deny that active obedience of Christ but only affirm the passive obedience of Christ, I cannot go there.  Here is a good article defending Biblical Imputation of Righteousness:  Defending Imputation of Active Obedience of Christ see also

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Steve Lemke on Total Depravity – Provocations & Pantings

Steve Lemke on Total Depravity – Provocations & Pantings – by Timothy Brister Timothy Brister points out the errors that may have made Dr. Steve Lemke want to distant himself from a belief in original sin.  He Points out 2 mistakes that may be at the root of Dr. Lemke’s confusion: (1) the idea that totally depravity eliminates human responsibility and (2) that the imputation of original sin is total loss of the image of God.   The following is from the 1925 Baptist Faith and message and affirms a good understanding of original sin: 3. THE FALL OF MAN  – Man was created by the special act of God,

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Why Do I Inherit Adam’s Guilt?

Why Do I Inherit Adam’s Guilt?: “ (Author: Jeff Lacine) Paul tells us that ‘in Adam all die’ (1 Corinthians 15:22). How can this be? How can all humanity be counted guilty for one man’s sin? Maybe the more relevant question is, How can I be found guilty for another man’s sin?If you are like me, you have struggled to own this difficult but very important doctrine of imputed sin. Edwards gives us some help in his Miscellanies #18. It is no more unreasonable that we should be guilty of Adam’s first sin, than that we should be guilty of

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Is Monergism Really a Form of Synergism?

Is Monergism Really a Form of Synergism?: from John Hendrix at MonergismQuestion: I appreciate the monergistic model of salvation since it appears to give God all the credit for the salvation of man. Many synergists believe that the Holy Spirit, thru a temporary working within a man, illuminates man to the truth of the gospel, leads him to a point of repentance, and that God gives the gift of faith for him to believe; yet something in the lost man has to believe in the gospel in order to be saved. God can’t believe for or have faith for the

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