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NT Use of OT

NT Use of OT and Biblical Authority

Below is a helpful article by Michael  Vlach.  I would add another category that I would call “Single Meaning, Fuller application” and place this in between #1 and #2.  the reason for this is that I don’t think that Michael captures the position that believes in a single meaning in the New Testament use of the old, but applies it to different or multiple referents.  One can see this position in the book Three View of the New Testament use of the Old Testament which is called Single Meaning, Multiple Referents by Darrell L, Bock .  This position holds that it is important to be faithful to use the Grammatical,

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The Use of the Old Testament in the New

Here is a great article on the New Testament use of Old Testament passages. The Use of the Old Testament in the New by David Niblack RESEARCH PAPER “The Use of the Old Testament in the New”  David Niblack BI-422 A. Schmutzer – Spring 2005  February 17, 2005 Abstract  The enormous amount of differing opinions bears testimony to the complexity of the exegetical problems that the NT use of the OT poses for the modern evangelical interpreter.  There are four major different schools that use a different paradigm in explaining the so-called “out-of-context” citations by the inspired NT authors.  The

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James Hamilton: "from start to finish, the OT is a messianic document"

James Hamilton: “from start to finish, the OT is a messianic document”: “ Dr. Hamilton Says: “The use of the OT in the New has been much discussed, with some coming to the conclusion that, to put it simply, the authors of the NT wrongly interpreted the OT. This being the case, their exegesis cannot be legitimately imitated today. Those who come to this conclusion are sometimes mystified as to how the authors of the NT could possibly see a reference to the Messiah in texts the NT applies to him, at points even arguing that particular applications of OT

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