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News Conference on Changing the Name of the Southern Baptist Convention

The audio from Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright’s news conference concerning a possible convention name change has been posted online. *|VIMEO:29436657|* Bryant Wright news conference (mobile compatible) from Baptist Press on Vimeo. Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright held a press conference immediately after announcing the appointment of a presidential task force to study the prospect of changing the 166-year-old convention’s name, saying the name’s regional nature has become a barrier in some parts of the United States. After the meeting, Wright held a news conference that lasted about 20 minutes. The audio of that press conference is available at Suggestions regarding

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Associated Baptist Press – Broadway Baptist Church informs BGCT it will ‘discontinue’ relationship

This is a good thing.  When we stand for what is right and go in the the right direction, not everyone will follow.  People didn’t all follow Jesus as he continue to proclaim the Gospel, and they will not follow Faithful Christian churches, ministries, denominations, or schools. who are rightfully willing to stand for truth. Associated Baptist Press – Broadway Baptist Church informs BGCT it will ‘discontinue’ relationship see also

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7 Types of Southern Baptists

I appreciate people who help us understand the diversity of associations (like the Southern Baptist Convention), while looking at also what unites us.  Unity is not uniformity or unanimity.  Unity is not tying 9 cats tales together and letting them go.  Unity is formed by common roots and common core beliefs.   it centers around a unified purpose in the Gospel of Christ.  We don’t have to be the same to associate together, but we do have to have some things in common.  That is why the Gospel and the Great Commission is the unifying factor in what we all do.  Diversity will

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When and Whither by Timothy George

Here is a good perspective on southern Baptist Theological development and progress Southern Baptist Theology: Whence and Wither? by Timothy George see also

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