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CBUS Apologetics Notes – Monday Night 3/26/07 – Islam History – Dr. Justin Alford

The problem with some of Islamic law is that the threats are earthly in the Hadith and superstitious. Religious tradition can get all of us into trouble and in Islam you can hear some approving of disgusting acts like pedophilia.

The 5 Pillars of Islam

1. Profession of Faith – Must recited once in a lifetime correctly and purposely. This is mental assent. The idea of repentance is often absent.
2. Prayer – 5 daily. Before prayer there washings which is a religious ritual. The leader faces Mecca and other are behind changing posture and saying “God is Great”
Other prayers can be prayed but not required. It is really works oriented salvation.
3. Obligatory Tax – Zakat – a tax payable annually. Use for various purposes.
4. Fasting – 9th month of the Muslem’s lunar calandar – around November.
5. Pigramage – to Mecca

Shariah Law

Penal Law – for 6 specific laws the punishment is fixed.
Family Law – only minor girls can be contracted for marriage. Divorse is easy. Can be married to only 4 at one time. a women suppport is based on her obedience to the husband.
Jihad – holy war – 4 ways – heart, toungue, hand, and sword. Some use the theory of Jihad to justify moral equalivance.

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