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Defending Homeschooling — The Joyful Journey

Here are 4 great truths about Homeschooling from a article I read on the Homeschooling Journey:
  • School is NEVER a better option.  For some, school may be the ONLY option, but that doesn’t make it a better option.  While schools don’t fail every child, school puts all children at risk spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially. Why would anyone knowingly expose their children to those risks when there are better options available?
  • Despite what the NEA (and Elizabeth Edwards) will tell you, a child’s parent is almost always (and unfortunately, I feel the need to qualify that statement to some degree) better qualified to teach his or her children than a certified teacher.  A parent knows and understands a child’s academic and emotional needs and is better suited to meet those needs than anyone.  

  • Even in “good” schools, children are at risk.  The honest truth is that school, even at its best, can NOT compete with homeschooling in terms of producing a well-rounded, well-adjusted, well-educated child.
  • The socialization that children are exposed to in school is negative.  Period.  When children socialize one another, very little good can come from it.  Socialization is NOT about keeping my children busy running from activity to activity.  Socialization is the process of preparing a child to become a mature, productive member of society.  This happens better at home than anywhere.  Studies increasingly show that homeschooled children ARE better socialized than children schooled in public schools.
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