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Is Our Fight Against Sin a Fight to Worship?

I cannot tell you how much I agree with this biblical directive.  The reason I have a problem with habbitual sin is because I don’t worship God like I should.  Tony Reinke at Desiring God quotes the following from a sermon by Tim Keller which you can down load here.

Here is the quote:

If you are a Christian and you are dealing with enslaving habits, it’s not enough to say, “Bad Christian, stop it.” And it is not enough to beat yourself up or merely try harder and harder and harder.

The real reason that you’re having a problem with an enslaving habit is because you are nottasting God. I’m not talking about believing God or even obeying God, I’m saying tasting —tasting God.

The secret to freedom from enslaving patterns of sin is worship. You need worship. You need great worship. You need weeping worship. You need glorious worship. You need to sense God’s greatness and to be moved by it — moved to tears and moved to laughter — moved by who God is and what he has done for you. And this needs to be happening all the time.
This type of worship is the only thing that can replace the little if only fire burning in your heart. We need a new fire that says, “If only I saw the Lord. If only he was close to my heart. If only I could feel him to be as great as I know him to be. If only I could taste his grace as sweet as I know it to be.”

And when that if only fire is burning in your heart, then you are free.

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Do you agree that right worship is the real key in fighting sin?  Or in other words, Is battle we fight with sin a real battle to worship God?
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