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John 10:22-42 – Inexhaustible Power – Seeing Jesus and the Father as One


We all change
  • after HS
  • After College
  • First Job
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • death of Spouse

I challenge you to go to 1 funeral a month to keep in mind your own death

  • Hebrews 2:15
  • this will make you think of the promises of God that go beyond death
  • 1 Cor. 15:19

FCF: Peole don’t see that the power of jesus and the Father as testifying to their divine power that goes even beyond this life.

Theme: to flee from fear one must see Jesus and the Father as one


  • Fest of Dedication – Hanaka
  • 167 bc Antiochus Epiphanes – destroyed the temple and set up pagan worship
  • 164 bc. – Judas Macabeus – took back the temple and set up worship to the Lord God
  • This is Jesus close of public Ministry
  • 2 ways of knowing God – Revelation or rationalism

T/S: how do we flee flee from feer by seeing God’s promices going beyond this life?

1. …by having our hearts changed by God 22-27

  • we believe because we are his sheep – the elect
  • Jesus did not declare himself to be the Messiah publically
  • One to the Samaritian and the man born blind
  • Pride is our problem that we cannot overcome – Eph 4:18 and Luke 16:31

2. … by focusing on Jesus’ Infinant Power and Preservation – 28-30

  • not decisive language on essence
  • some use 17:22 against the idea of the equality of the Father And Jesus
  • One is will or action – Infinant Power
  • Jews envisioned another God
  • 2 kinds of people – sheep or goats
  • Sheep always come to believe on Him – the elect
  • People are Sheep because God acts
  • We should not look inside to see if we are sheep but to Jesus
  • when jesus speaks, are you drawn? If so you are his sheep
  • The Incomprehensibility of God
  • 28 – 2 Eternal details – eternal life – heaven or eternal death – hell
  • Matthew 25:31-32
  • Heaven is not boring

3. … by embracing old truth and not new – vv. 31-39

  • Psalm 82:6
  • Judges were gods
  • so the jews should not be suprosed at one calling themselves gods but Jesus was making himself out to be a rival God in their minds
  • v. 30 and v. 38 are the same statmenet or claim to deith
  • 14:14-16 – Holy Spirit is God
  • claim in John to be the Son of God the messiah:
  • Here is what John says about Jesus and the Messiah:

Creator of the World, Judge Mankind, right to forgive sins, power to bestow EL, His presence was God’s presence,, Eternal destiny depended on response to Him, taught truth on his own authority, stands above Moses, Performed miracles on his own authority – not in the name of…, receive worship, applied OT test to himself taht refer to God, parables show him as the divine figure

Non believers would say:

Sent by the Father, obeys the Father, does the Father’s will, can only do what he sees the Father doing, 5:30 – I can do nothing myself, and 14:26 – Father is greater than I

  • Mystery – non-contradiction – Paradox


  • Scene from Your life
  • beloved has fallen
  • Satan attacks
  • God calls
  • your in a war
  • Christ bids you to come
  • Do you?
  • your response determines if you one of his sheep
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