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Review of Mission Minded by Peter Bolt

I have read may books on Disciplemaking and the church’s role in disciplemaking. In only 75 pages, this book cuts through the much of the theory to give you a system that is theologically sound and ministerially practical. “Mission Minded” is the precursor to the book “The Trellis and the Vine.” If you have read that book then you will want this book to see where the emphasis in ministry philosophy on “Proclamation, People, and Prayer” came from. Instead focusing on the “Trellis” (programs and support ministries) this book has a balanced view about the need for good “trellis ministry” while focusing on the “vine” (people and their lives). The simple ideas in this book will help pastors and church leaders, who many times (in pragmatic America) get bogged down in either a bad (or unbiblical) theological basis for their philosophy of ministry or who create a far too elaborate ministry structure which they are constantly trying to maintain and support, refocus their efforts on people rather than maintaining the current infrastructure of the church. “Mission Minded” will also help pastors and church leaders recover strong biblical fidelity because of the confidence it places on the proclamation of the Word of God (speaking the Word) across all types of ministry contexts, and prayer. Included is a “Mission Minded” tool that will help church leaders plan for, analyse, or change current Ministry infrastructure. 

I would recommend this book to any pastor or church leader who needs to get out of the “maintenance mode” of ministry into the “Mission mode.” The chapter titles include: 

1. Mission or Maintenance 
2. Aiming at Something Biblical 
3. The Left-handed Game: Analysis 
4. Planning Toward Mission 
5. Missions Means People 
6. People Mean Ministry 
7. Supporting Christian Ministry 
8. Back to the program 
9. Over to you 
Appendix: The Mission Minded Tool 

It is of great help to set Mission goals that ought to govern your ministry, that have a biblical basis, and are contextual to the various places, times,and people you disciple, oversee, and minister to. It is helpful for: 

* Ministry one-to-one 
* Churches setting up new ministries 
* Churches analyzing their old ministries 
* Anyone with some leadership role in a structured ministry situation such as a Sunday School Class, a youth group, or an Adult Bible Study, etc. 
* A pastor who has oversight of all the ministries in a church 

The tool is a chart that breaks down ministries goals into 2 main goals: Evangelism and Edification, with a supportive goal included. Under these heading you have subgoals that help you see the process of making disciples as Church, group, or an individual. 

I give the book 5 stars because it is theologically sound while keeping the philosophy of ministry simple and transferable.

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