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Southern Baptists and Evangelicals Together

A while back Trevin Wax  (Jun 14, 2010)  wrote a good article on his blog (Kingdom People) that sheds light on the enigma call the Southern Baptist Convention (of which I am in cooperation with).  Use this post to understand some of the particulars of a diverse (and sometimes not unified) people who call themselves Southern Baptist (a name that I think should be changed because this is a national/international convention now not just a southern one).  

Southern Baptists and Evangelicals Together: “

This week, my wife and I are in Orlando for the Southern Baptist Convention. I’m looking forward to joining other Southern Baptist authors for a book signing on Tuesday from 10:00-11:00 a.m. at the LifeWay store at the Convention Center. If you are a blog reader, or you’ve picked up a copy of Holy Subversion, I hope you will stop by.
It’s always a tricky thing to write about the SBC here at Kingdom People, since I know that the majority of those who read my blog are not Southern Baptist. Still, the direction of the SBC does affect the wider world of evangelicalism. I think that much of what is written about Southern Baptists can apply to other churches and denominations too.
Here are some personal reflections on the SBC that I have posted here in the past. I hope that your perusal of these articles will be to your spiritual benefit.
The Future of the SBC:

Conference Summary:

Calvinism in the SBC:

History of the SBC

What Southern Baptists Can Learn from Romanian Baptists


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