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The Formula Problem

Here is a good article that demonstrate why formulas don’t work in ministry.  It replaces form for function. It trades purpose for a vehicle which one is unable to adapt to ministry changes.  Here are some questions I think we all need to ponder:

  1. How have we left the Gospel when require a certain formula in our evangelism because it brings about some results that we want?
  2. Is having a ‘common language,’ a ‘common experience’, a “common ritual,’ necessary or should it be a desired result of our evangelism?
  3. Where is our tradition anti-scriptural or anti-Christ?
  4. Do we trust in our ritualistic services rather than our Risen Savior?  If so, why?
  5. How do we diminish the power of the Cross when we trust in our own means in ministry?
Read more about this in the article:

The Real Problem in the SBC is Formulaic Evangelism that is Cultish and Not Christian by Wade Burleson

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