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Total Truth by Nancy Percey

I an currently reading “Total Truth” by Nancy Percy, and find it refreshing. In reading Chapter 2 I am challenged to look for how I compartimentalize my faith in to a dualistic framework rather than letting God Truth be total truth.

She is trying to show how Christianity functions as a unified, overarching system of truth that applies to social issues, history,politics, anthropology,and all the other subject areas. The Cultural Mandate in Genesis is important to our understanding how we should be engaging our culture in all areas of life and vocation. In other words we need to learn that Christianity is not just religious truth, it is total truth – covering all of reality.

Influenced by Francis Schaeffer she deals with the division of truth using the image of a tw0-story building. And wants us to understand that the fear of some “god” is the beginning of ever proposed system of knowledge.

This book addresses the hunger and offers new dirction for advancing the worldview movement. It will help you identified the secular/sacred divide that keeps your faith locked into the private sphere of “religious truth.

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