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Try Nudgemail to get your inbox to Zero (0)

This may be very helpful to you to get your inbox to 0, and it doesn’t require any apps.  
Nudgemail, allows you to set alerts for events by sending the service an e-mail with the time you want to be reminded in the To field. You can also forward messages to Nudgemail and have them sent back to you when you are ready for them.  

The easiest way to send yourself reminders!

  • Remember everything!
    Seriously, whether it’s following up on a good lead or picking up your anniversary present, with NudgeMail you have no excuse.

  • Works in your email
    Using NudgeMail is entirely done within email, which is the way you do all of your other work. No need to go to a website, just keep working the way you are used to.
  • No need to register
    NudgeMail has no sign-up or sign-in, no passwords, no usernames, no software, apps, plug-ins, downloads or any other barriers to keep you from setting reminders. It just works.
  • Reduce email clutter
    Inbox clogged with stuff you gotta do later? NudgeMail lets you set reminders by the hour, day, week, month, or even year so you can decide when to deal with important emails.
  • Works on any device
    NudgeMail has been tested with almost every email-capable device in the world. If you can use email, you can use NudgeMail.
  • Works with Google Calendar
    You can use NudgeMail to schedule Google Calendar events and even receive push and SMS notifications of your upcoming NudgeMail reminders!

NudgeMail provides one feature: it turns any e-mail client into a reminder system. So say you receive a message that necessitates a reply, but not until Friday. Simply forward the e-mail to “” and, on Friday, the message will be sent back to you for response. You can also schedule items for particular dates; for example, for the 22nd of November, you would forward the message to “”  It’s really as simple as that. There are no registrations, no users, no widgets to toy with–just e-mail. And as many of us know, forwarding an e-mail is about the quickest and easiest process there is. Better yet, NudgeMail works from pretty much any platform–Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail…the list goes on and on. And it’s completely free, at least for now.

How does NudgeMail work?
Using NudgeMail is as easy as writing an email. Say you want to send yourself a reminder to pick up milk on the way home from work tomorrow – just email with the subject “Tomorrow” and your note to yourself in the body (click here for an example).  NudgeMail also lets you set reminders by forwarding emails you need to deal with later. Just forward your email to, let’s say, to get it back at 5:30 that afternoon. You can also use, and many more common sense commands found here.

How do I use the command?We’ve made our system almost as smart as our users, so we wanted to give you a quick command for setting reminders. To use the “nudge” command, just email with your reminder time in the subject line. (click here for an example).

How do I use other NudgeMail commands?It’s as easy as sending your email to Tomorrow, nextweek, Friday, Aug20th, 530pm – pretty much whatever day, date, or time you like. We’ve also built in some cool commands such as settings@ (lets you see and change your settings), vacation@ (lets you turn on vacation mode), snooze@ (lets you snooze any email for 1 hour), EOD@ (sends you a reminder at 6:00pm), and even 2d1h30m@ (sends you an email in however many days, hours, or minutes you like). Check out all of the commands here.

Why are there two ways to use NudgeMail?
Because we know people are like beautiful snowflakes – no two are the same. We’ve tried to build our system to make it as easy as possible for anyone to fire up their email and set reminders quickly in any way they like.

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