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Arrogance and Antagonism John 9:24-41


  • Common foes can be united with a common enemy.
  • Dogs will quite fighting when a cat or rabbit runs along their path

Fallen Condition Focus: Problems with Pharisaical Heart

Theme: We must overcome our own hearts evil tendencies.

Question: What will a Arrogant and Antagonistic heart will do?

1. An Antagonist heart will go over the same issue so as not to change (9:24-25)

  • you will look for conspiracy
  • Joshua 7:19 – worship God- tell the whole truth
  • I will not unite in saying He is a sinner
  • I will not turn aside to talk to the person.

2. An Antagonistic heart will try to trip others up (9:26-27).

  • unbelief – doesn’t focus on who but on the details of where one was or the program.

3. an Anganistic heart struggle with Authority (9:28-29)

  • Disciples need no signs on them; they will be known
  • 5:46 – haught boast
  • Intellectual but no affect in their lives
  • No trembling at the word
  • Testimony was not authoritive
  • Inconsistent – 7:27 and 9:29

4. an antagonist heart doesn’t accept the power of prayer (9:30-34).

  • not totally true –
  • god hears sinners – Ishmael (Gen 21:17?); Israel in Egypt (Ex. 2:24)
  • Sense: their pet Doctrines

5. an arrogant heart that is healed will worship (9:35-38)

  • Transparent openess
  • Light acted in a double way
  • Lighted those who know their blindness

6. An Arrogant heart doesn’t know it is lost and will be judged (9:39-40)

  • pride and self sufficiency blinds us.
  • Kyrie – “sir” (v. 36); “Lord” (v. 38)
  • Proskyeno – worship is prostrate before – obedience to
  • Leads to 20:28 – “My Lord and My God”
  • Save Not condemn (12:47)
  • “Son of Man” – One who is the reveation of God to man; uniquely speaks and reveals God
  • Judge – just also give offense so one can turn from or
  • in coming, hardened their heart because the their hatred of the light.
  • 2 people: lost and know it; and proud and blind.
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