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Bethlehem Elders Withdraw Membership/Baptism Proposal For Further Study

I just read a response on Denny Burk’s blog to his entry entitled John Piper, Bethlehem Baptist Church, and Baptism and learned that from John Caneday, a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church, that “Last week the elders did vote to withdraw the [membership] amendment from consideration. The elders will discuss the details of the decision at the church’s annual meeting this Sunday, so the details are sketchy right now.”

I lean toward seeing this as good news. Denny Burk also said that Tom Schreiner, who is the pastor at Clifton Baptist Church in Louisville, KY along with his elders wrote the following letter to the elders of Bethlehem Baptist Church urging them to withdraw this proposed change to Bethlehem Baptist Church’s membership policy. I am in agreement with what Clifton’s elders have written, and I commend the letter to you also for your careful consideration.

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Download: “Proposal and Response to the Elders of Bethlehem Baptist Church From The Elders Of Clifton Baptist Church

You can aslo read
A Pastor’s Opinion as to Bethlehem Baptist Church’s Unfortunate and Dangerous Decision
By Dr. Roy HargraveSenior
PastorRiverbend Community Church Ormond Beach & Palm Coast, Florida

If you have not hear about the proposal to change Bethlehem Baptist Chruch’s constitution and create a sepearte doctrinal statement for members as opposed to elders, you can check it out at:

You can also check out Bethlehem Baptist Church to see to progress.

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