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Bible Study Exegesis

Bible Study – Exegesis
As I sit here in Greensborough, NC, I am reflecting on how we go about studying scirrpture and the nature of our Bible studies. Over the years I have seen more and more subjective interpretation. I think the problem is that most pastors do not to the hard work of real study in preparation for their sermons and Bible studies. With the plethora of sermons and studies out that can be bought and/or acquired for free. I think we have become lazy evangelicals. We impose that our 21st century culture on the text without any critical analysis of our own assumptions.

This needs to change. Our feelings are not the issue when we deal with a text. Many people can claim a certain view of God as “my God” and seem to say that their interpretation is authoritative. It seems that man is now the authority to the interpretation of the God of Scripture instead of his revelation. We want a God that we like today not the God of the Scripture. This makes us so man-centered in our methodology and theology. Man must have a heart that is willing to accept the revelation of the God of scripture. While none of our theologies are prefect, our job is to test our theology for idolatry, since every sin is the result of idolatry.

The English word “exegesis” is a transliteration from the Greek word ejxhgn?sato. We get the word “excavate” from the same Greek word. It means to interpret a literary unity by digging out of the words the syntax, the context of the passage, and the original meaning in the mind of the author who wrote that text.

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