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Bibliology and Hermeneutics – Inspiration of Scripture

What is inspiration? Did God inspire the mind of the author, or the text of Scripture, or both? How does one’s view of inspiration effect his or her interpretation? Upon completion of this session, the student should have come to an understanding of the doctrine of inspiration, able to define what it means and how it is to be distinguished from revelation and illumination. The student will learn the different theories of inspiration that are held by theologians today. The student should understand that how one defines inspiration will determine how they interpret Scripture. Much time will be spent on the commonly held view of inspiration called “Mechanical Dictation.” It will be argued that this view evidences a neglect of the human element of Scripture, what we call “biblical Docetism, and is the primary hindrance to proper interpretation in many evangelical communities today. Most basically stated: without a proper view of inspiration, one cannot have a proper hermeneutic. The goal of this lesson is to provide a detailed defense of what is often called the “Verbal Plenary” doctrine of inspiration.
We have watched the first 20 minutes of this video and will start there next week.

If you say you believe in the inspiration of the original manuscripts, does this mean you do not believe this carries over to our English translations?

How Important is the Nature of Divine Sovereignty for Our View of Scripture?

How can I have the confidence in the revelation and inspiration of the Bible?

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