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What’s So New About the New Covenant?

I always love D.A. Carson’s perspective on the New Testamenet newness. He has shaped some of my thoughts about the New Covenant’s continunity and discontinuity. enjoy and read on. Justin Taylor affirms this in stating: What’s So New About the New Covenant?: “One of the key reasons that I am a credobaptist (i.e., only those with a credible profession of faith in Christ should be baptized) is due to the nature of the new covenant. A key difference between the old covenant and the new is horizontal. In the old covenant, the elect/redeemed/remnant/spiritually circumcised are a subset of the covenant

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Does the New Covenant break in any way with the Old Covenant

For a while I have been investigating the issue of covenant theology and other systems of theology that deal with the overarching theme(s) of scripture. More and more I see that all scripture points to christ and the Gospel of God’s glory is the overarching purpose of scripture. I think there is more fruitful dialogue going on about these issues that as been going on in a long time. Richard Barcellos in Defence fo the Decalogue, has summarized the way the New Covent differes from the Old in the following list: First, unlike the Old Covenant, the New Covenant cannot

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