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A Justification Debate Long Overdue – The Gospel Coalition Blog

A Justification Debate Long Overdue – The Gospel Coalition Blog Collen Hansen summarizes the Evangelical Theological Society proceedings this last week where Dr. Thomas Schreiner and Dr. N. T. Wright engaged in a debate over justification.                      I remained convinced that “Justification” is a soteriological issue and that Dr. Shreiner is correct in his critique of N.T. Write’s view of justification.  It is reported in this article (that you should read for yourself) that  are three false polarities that Shreiner said Wright perpetuates: Wright argues that justification is primarily about ecclesiology instead of soteriology. Wright says Israel’s fundamental problem

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Is Monergism Really a Form of Synergism?

Is Monergism Really a Form of Synergism?: from John Hendrix at MonergismQuestion: I appreciate the monergistic model of salvation since it appears to give God all the credit for the salvation of man. Many synergists believe that the Holy Spirit, thru a temporary working within a man, illuminates man to the truth of the gospel, leads him to a point of repentance, and that God gives the gift of faith for him to believe; yet something in the lost man has to believe in the gospel in order to be saved. God can’t believe for or have faith for the

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