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A Good Way To Take Sermon Notes

If You Must Take Notes This article is beneficial in understanding how one would take notes that is helpful.  I don’t find extensive sermon note taking beneficial for me because I miss the point of the sermon if I just concentrate on filling in the blanks or taking extensive notes.  Note taking (like extensive use of PowerPoint) tends to make the worship gathering into a class more than a worship gathering.  Most disciples are betters served to try to use their imaginations and brains to remember the passage, theme, and point of the sermon, and then write it out at home or in

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Matthew 3 – The Announcement of Kingdom Presence

The world is so attractive  and promises us so much.  In announcing the Kingdom of Heaven John the Baptist was challenging the Jewish people to consider what is really valuable in their lives.  The kingdom of heaven was the longing of all the Jewish people, it represented a fulfillment of all the promises of God.  That truth is most glorious and more valuable than anything that the kingdoms of this world have to offer.  We all fight against the attractiveness of this world and to do that we need to recognize the greatness of the fulfillment of God’s promises in the kingdom.

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Post Sermon Review

Post Sermon Review:  by Peter Mead The old adage says practice makes perfect. I have to agree with Haddon Robinson and Howard Hendricks in disputing that. Practice makes ingrained. Perhaps perfect practice makes perfect, or maybe evaluated and critiqued practice makes perfect. But if you do something over and over, without constructive improvement, it won’t suddenly become good, it will simply become ingrained and hard to fix. So after we preach, we need to review. What should self-review include? I think there is a place for feedback from others and I have written about that on this site. But in

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5 Things I Want From a Sermon | Soul Preaching Ministries

5 Things I Want From a Sermon | Soul Preaching Ministries 5 Things I Want From a Sermon by Sherman Haywood Cox II – January 23, 2007 After listening to a sermon, I thought about what I want in the sermon. Here are a few of the primary things that I want from a sermon. I especially want these things from a black preacher preaching a black sermon. 1. One Thought Please have only one main thought and supporting thoughts. As I think about some of the more difficult sermons that I have listened to I begin to realize that

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Sermon Application Help

Sermon Application Help by Justin Taylor The application grid is a helpful tool from 9Marks that can serve pastors preparing sermons, as well as all of us when reading biblical texts. The grid has you examine how the main point of a passage applies to six areas: Unique salvation-historical. Does the main point address a text that thrusts forward the unfolding plot of redemption in history? Individual Non-Christian. Does the main point have implications for the unbeliever’s thinking, behavior, or motivations? Public. Does the main point have implications for how we conduct ourselves in the public squares of commerce, politics,

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Revelation Sermon Series

Revelation Sermon Series: by Dr. Jim Hamilton In God’s kindness, Kenwood Baptist Church voted to call me as their pastor of preaching the last Sunday of March, 2009. The first book I preached through was the book of Revelation. While some might question the wisdom of jumping right into apocalyptic literature, the book of Revelation pronounces a blessing on those who read, hear, and keep what is written in it (Rev 1:3). Those who understand John’s Apocalypse–and live such that they have “kept” what it reveals–are blessed. We went through the book from April to April, and the year’s worth

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Common Ground / Uncommon Confidence – Acts 21:37-22:30

Common Ground / Uncommon Confidence – Acts 2137-22:30 from Glenn Leatherman on Vimeo. Paul now finds himself before the Tribune and asks to speak to the Jews that are gathered against him (for they have accused him of defaming the temple). Paul clears his name being associated with a Jewish assassin group that tried to overthrow the roman rule a couple of years earlier. Paul then speaks to his people in their language detailing his conviction of sin (1-5), conversion to Christ (22:6-16), and calling to bring the gospel to the entire world (22:17-21). The Jews get so angry that

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Philippians 2.12-18 – Working Out Salvation

God is going to get the glory either in our salvation or in judgment (see Rom. 14). Now that Paul has raised this high Christology he gets practical how what we do in living humbly. Paul gives moree explicit directive as to what it means to live humbly and how we must live out a humble live in the midst of community. We are commanded here to work out our salvation (sanctification) which is our responsibility, but in a way that give God the credit for working in us. This is not a matter of synergism between me and God

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Philippians 2.9-11 – From Humility to Exaltation

The best way to see the exaltation of Christ is to view it on the backdrop of his humiliation in heaven, in incarnation, and in death. Humiliation does not mean embarrassment, slavish service, wimpiness, lack of boldness or ambition or the prideful pursuit of spirituality. We see that in this text that God exaltation of Christ is past (v. 9) and future (vv. 10-11). In the past God super exalted Christ at the right hand of the Father to the glory he had before the world was created. The Lamb of God is worthy and is given a name that

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Philippians 1.27-30 – Heavenly Citizenship

The Life we live matters. Today when people want to define what an Evangelical is we often forget that the Lordship of Christ extends to every area of our lives. We tend to focus on here and now when as Christians we should focus on our heavenly citizenship. We are heirs of the King, but far too often we seek the benefits of this world rather than the heavenly kingdom of which we claim we want to spend eternity. Why would anyone want to have a heavenly citizenship without holiness is just a reflection of how anemic and weak American

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