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Christ the True Vine

Christ the True Vine
John 15:1-6
(Farewell fruitfulness )
Introductory Comments:

Who are the persons addressed? – 11 apostles- believers only
In what connection are the addressed? Remote Context (ch. 13-14): Jesus has told us how he will comfort us when he is gone. Now we must bear fruit. Immediate context: There must be resurrection life before there is resurrection fruit
What is the central topic of address? Not initial salvation or loosing salvation, but the conditions of our fertility

Israel = vine in OT
Abiding refers to fellowship
Assures now that their connection with him and others will not be dissolved.
Fruitfulness is the goal

Text Subject: Fruitfulness is the evidence of true conversion
FCF: Our faith is not real if we are not absolutely dependent on the Vine for fruit.
Theme: Dependent fruit is the outcome of a genuine Christian life
Qustion: What are some conditions of fertility?
T/S: Conditions of fertility


  1. Being in right union to genuine vine (vv. 1-2)
  2. Being Pruned is the proof of fruit (v. 2)
  3. Being clean assures us salvation (v. 3)
  4. Being completely dependent on Christ v. 4
  5. having sustained communion with Christ v. 4
  6. having assurance v. 4
  7. having insufficiency in our selves (v. 4)
  8. Having no strength of our own (v. 5-6
  9. Having now works of our own power (vv. 5-6)

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