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Pick a Bible Read plan for 2015

Do you want to read the whole Bible?

I always believe that reading the bible every year is the best devotional practice that one can make a habit of.   If the average person reads 200 to 250 words per minute, and if there are about 775,000 words in the Bible, then it would take less than 10 minutes a day to read the whole Bible in a year.

(Those who want to bore into the details of how long it takes to read each book of the Bible can visit

But a simple resolution to do this is often an insufficient. Most of us need a more proactive plan.  Here are some plans to look at for 2015 as you make your resolutions to read the Bible through.

Bible Reading Plans from Ligonier for 2015

Navigators Bible Reading Plans

General Bible Reading Plans

ESV Bible Reading Plans

Bible Reading Plans from Heritage Bible Church

How to Read the Bible and Enjoy It by Michael Hyatt

Bible Reading Plans from Bible Gateway

Bible Handbooks

Unger Bible Handbook

With the Word: Chapter by Chapter Bible Handbook

365 Day Devotional Commentary by Laurance O. Richards

Zondervan’s Bible handbook

Baker Bible handbook

Ryken’s Bible Handbook

Holman Bible Handbook


Bible Pathway Devotional  – for reading the Bible through in a year.  You can read it for free each day at

For the Love of God by D.A. Carson

Table Talk Devotional magazine

The One Year Through the Bible Devotional

Baptist and Reformed Devotionals

Daily Devotional Roundup

Today’s Youth Devotional by Josh McDowell

Today’s Family Devotional by Josh McDowell


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