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The Doctrine of Creation.

I am trying to get a copy of Dr. Sailhamer’s book, “Genesis Unbounded”, but it is currently out of print ($54.00 at Amazon for a used copy).  I want to eagerly read his book if and when it is republished.  I am enjoying reading Sailhamer’s other books on OT theology and agree with his use of “Salvation History” as referring to the Scriptural history rather than all of God’s activity in his creation generally as many Covenant Theologians and/or some Biblical Theologians do.  I am grateful to Jonathan Sakovich (a church member and a student at GGBTS) who has encouraged me to read Dr. Sailhamer, and I can say it has been to my benefit.  
A motivation for me to understand this view of Creation comes from the fact that John Piper follows Sailhamer’s view of Genesis 1-2:  What Should We Teach About Creation – John Piper (Video)
Dr. Sailhamer’s views are further explained at Desiring God
Science, the Bible, and the Promised Land – An Analysis of John Sailhamer’s “Genesis Unbounded” – by Matt Perman

Here is a very comprehensive and positive review of “Genesis Unbounded”: Science, the Bible, and the Promised Land: An Analysis of John Sailhamer’s Genesis Unbound.  I will comment on this when I unpack it more fully.  

Another (and more critical) review of the book is found at: Review of Genesis Unbounded by Andrew Kulikovsky (A view that I currently hold to).
Many perspectives of this topic are based on whose presuppositions are given priority or given the place of authority in interpreting the data.  I want fully read “Genesis Unbounded” to see if his presupposition and perspective is properly exegetical or if it comes from a desire to reconcile “so called” modern (present-day) science and the Bible (which are built on opposing presuppositions).  The reason I am still a “6 literal day creationist” is from my belief that Genesis 1-2 is historical narrative and the exegetical understanding of the use of the word “day” in this passage as well as in other passages like Exodus 20, indicates a 24-hour period of time.  I also see “the age of the earth” as a “Category 2 belief” (those that Christians can disagree on but do have important consequences) and a topic that should be engaged within the church in irenic discussion that often gets lost in people “protecting their territory” more than seeking the truth and being open to a different approach.  This issue for me is to know the truth and that is seeing this world and his revelation from God’s perspective.  
My goal is to rethink through the issue of Creation biblically, so I can be more Christ-like in my believing and teaching in order to win others to Christ and grow them up to win others to Christ.  
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